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Blue Cruise Charter Destinations


Southern Turkey is a region that includes the coastal areas along the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, as well as the mountainous interior. The region is known for its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and historic sites.





There are many popular cruise destinations in Turkey, including:

The Turkish Riviera: Also known as the Turquoise Coast, this area is known for its crystal clear waters, picturesque beaches, nightlife shopping places and historic sites. Popular destinations include Marmaris, Bodrum, and Fethiye.

  The Lycian Way: This long-distance walking trail along the coastline of Lycia in southern Turkey offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and ancient ruins.

  The Aegean Sea : The Aegean Sea is the body of water that separates the Greek and Turkish mainland; a cruise here will take you past the picturesque islands of the northeastern Aegean, like Lesbos and Chios.

  The Eastern Mediterranean: The Eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey is home to many

ancient ruins and historic sites, nightlife, shopping such as the city of Antalya and the ancient city of Perge.


The Dodecanese islands are a group of Greek islands located in the southeastern Aegean Sea, near the coast of Turkey. The name “Dodecanese” means “twelve islands” in Greek, although there are actually more than a dozen islands in the group. The largest and most well-known islands in the Dodecanese include Rhodes, Kos, and Patmos.



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